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21st year Mission . . . ". . . to serve as a contributing media for the promotion and support of the arts, and advocate for continuing education, and for the organizations, groups, societies, and clubs within all counties in the Midwest states of Ohio, Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, Tennessee, Kentucky, West Virginia, and Western Virginia, Pennsylvania and New York, but also included, the Art-to-Art Palette has designated its Main Section to serve their national associations formed throughout its years. This forms the heart of the Art-to-Art Palette’s core coverage to those in the Arts and Educational communities.”
The Art-to-Art Palette began publishing in October 1988 as the national spokes media for Art-to-Art: Building Friendships Through Art 1986-2006, an Ohio-based k-12 national art education program. In the latter part of 2003, the Art-to-Art Palette began incorporating news and features on those within its founding grassroots of Western Ohio and Eastern Indiana. Today, its print editorial forum is a cross between a journal and a Who’s Who publication that records the past, present and future happenings of those in the Arts and Educational communities, and it is presented in a magazine format, using full color graphics and images, and printed on a heavier "soft cover" paper stock for preservation purposes. Over the years, the Art-to-Art Palette has published in print at various cycles. In 2006 in association with its electronic partner, Palette News Art Network, it now also publishes On-line weekly in an abbreviated format at, serving what the Art-to-Art Palette constitutes as their core local editorial region, being those within Ohio, Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, Tennessee, Kentucky, West Virginia, Western portions of Virginia, Pennsylvania and New York. In addition, the Art-to-Art Palette also opens its Main Section with the artistic and educational happenings from its national associations formed throughout its history.
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