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Christofferson, Gail

19482 Sugar Creek Rd
Bowling Green, OH 43402
gail@animalhouseglas ...
http://www.animalhou ...
Today I am designing, coordinating and installing a growing number of community-based projects. These fun, collaborative art projects attract a wide range of participants who work together to create beautiful large-scale mosaic artwork. This unique community approach results in a sense of ownership and pride as each individual’s contributions combine with others’ to blossom into a finished piece of art. My professional experience in marketing, public relations, visual communications, and project management contribute to the success of these (more)
Cress, Brent

Lima, OH 45805
http://www.facebook. ...
In my personal work I try to take very simple organic forms and combine them with traditional decorative motifs. I work in materials such as domestic hardwoods, marble , alabaster, and fiberglass. I have experience working in Bronze and stainless steel. In my restoration work, I work on many projects where it is difficult to find a traditional contractor that is capable of doing the job. I have worked on Victorian homes and have experience restoring various ecumenical statuary around the Northwest Ohio Region.
Garner, Margaret-Ann

Findlay, OH 45840
thenewmartha@sbcglob ...
Henkener, Debra

17528 Weimert School Rd.
Wapakoneta, OH 45895-9700
419-738-5213 (fax)
info@henkenerlogcabi ...
http://www.henkenerl ...
I have been an artist all my life but have never been able to settle into any one medium. I love it all and accept a new medium as an enjoyable challenge. Most of my current work is done in acrylic or watercolor, and enjoy painting from my own photographs. I am a realist, but also draw with a passion and sometimes develop cartoon-style characters to use as cute, decorative designs for pins and ornaments,etc. I believe that drawing is the basis for good art and I encourage all aspiring artists and experienced ones, as well, to carry a (more)
Hone, Mary

Celina , OH 45822
stregganona@hotmail. ...
I love traditional quilting and piecing from the Civil War Era. I also do beading. Watercolors came into my life a few years ago and now that is a very important artistic expression for me also! Now to combine them all together...........
koeller, kat

minster, OH 45865 ...
http://www.paperandy ...
I love to have variety in my life and usually work on several different media projects at one time. My preferred style is a retro inspired shabby chic with lots of layers and reclaimed items.
Moore, Shelley

706 Cooper Avenue
Bellefontaine, OH 43311
smoore2@embarqmail.c ...
Crafting gourds became a passion 5 years ago. I take a natural, hard shelled gourd and turn it into an object of beauty. I like to create a more natural, primitive look that includes weaving, carving, woodburning, painting and embellishments.
Pulskamp, Linda

15 Melrose Pl
Apartment C
New Bremen, OH 45869
Creating original jewelry designs using silver, other metals, and gems. Also perform minor jewelry repairs.
Rosner, Hannah

Pataskala, OH 43062
http://www.goodriver ...
Staples, Cynthia

Wapakoneta, OH 45895
Suchland, Sara

413 North Main Street
New Bremen, OH 45869
http://www.sarapaper ...
Paper is always my medium. I love paper, envelopes and ribbons. Using these three basic ingredients I can make beautiful notecards and invitations that you will cherish. I create my designs on my computer and then print them on my high quality printer. From there I hand fold, stitch, emboss, glue, tie, stamp and do whatever else I need to do to make my cards beautiful.

Crafts 1 - 11 of 11
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