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Cress, Brent
Sculptor (View Portfolio)
Lima, OH 45805
In my personal work I try to take very simple organic forms and combine them with traditional decorative motifs. I work in materials such as domestic hardwoods, marble , alabaster, and fiberglass. I have experience working in Bronze and stainless steel. In my restoration work, I work on many projects where it is difficult to find a traditional contractor that is capable of doing the job. I have worked on Victorian homes and have experience restoring various ecumenical statuary around the Northwest Ohio Region.
I studied sculpture at Berea College, where I was in the BA and crafts labor programs. I have interned with recognized furniture craftsmen, and have an employment history working for a nationally recognized sculptor. My restoration experience has been international, and my architectural restorations are recognized by the National Historical Society of Ohio. I have done projects in a vartiety of media, techniques and scale for churches, civic organizations, corporate and public entities. My personal work has been exhibited at regional arts organizations, and is in private collections around the country.
Services Offered
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  • Exhibitions/Demonstrations
  • Commission Works
  • Other
    I am capable of doing restorations on site or in my studio. I have experience restoring ecumenical statuary and historical homes
I keep regular office hours six days a week. I can be contacted by telephone and e-mail
My labor fees are $14 per hour for restorations and commissions, my exhibition peices are priced at fair market value.
"Nude" 14x9x3 Marble 2002
"Serving Tray" 6x4x2 Maple, Rosewood 2009
"Chameleon" 6x3x1 Limestone 1992
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