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Suchland, Sara
413 North Main Street
New Bremen, OH 45869
Paper is always my medium. I love paper, envelopes and ribbons. Using these three basic ingredients I can make beautiful notecards and invitations that you will cherish. I create my designs on my computer and then print them on my high quality printer. From there I hand fold, stitch, emboss, glue, tie, stamp and do whatever else I need to do to make my cards beautiful.
I've spent the last ten years in and out of different printing arenas. I have an associates degree in commercial design from Edison State Community College. I get a great deal of satisfaction from working with my clients to create a printed piece that reflects their style.
Services Offered
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I am free for consultations Monday 5-9; Tues. - Thurs. 2-9; Fridays and Weekends by appointment. Please call or email me to chat.
Consultations are free, prices for my pieces vary.

Ref Id: 8766

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